Ring Of Fire

Big City Heat: Ring of Fire by Misha Carver
Part of the Big City Heat series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

Santo Domingo, a Fireman’s Ball, and a Raging Inferno…

My life is in a tailspin and it won't stop. Chance was supposed to be mine forever. I should've known he was still the same jerk from high school that made my life a living hell. I forgave his secret, so why can’t he forgive mine?

Will Chance find it in his heart to forgive Alexandria? Or, will it take the impossible for true love to reign supreme once again? Secrets fuel the flames while passion ignites in this sizzling hot firefighter romance.


Reviews:Amazon Reader wrote:

I just finished reading the three books in Big City Heat and I can say Misha Carver wrote a great series. A must read.

Amazon Reader wrote:

I really loved this book and series by one of my favorite authors. It has great characters, romance and intrigue. It was very sad at times and made me cry. I liked the ending.

Amazon Reader wrote:

I cried at the funeral. To me when I cry reading a book it means that the author has brought into that world to where I feel like I'm there. So great job, I loved it.

Amazon Reader wrote:

A gripping continuation of Alex and Chance's story. Fears realized and relationships changed in this page turning tale.