Frequently Asked Questions

What should readers expect when they buy your books?

They can expect stories with unexpected twists and turns along with sizzling sex. Usually, you’ll find a billionaire and sometimes a pet, but you’ll always find a happily ever after.

Where can I buy your books?

Right now, I’m enrolled in Amazon Select, so you can buy or borrow my eBooks there. Soon, you’ll also be able to purchase print versions on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

I don’t have a Kindle. Do you plan to release your eBooks on other retailer sites anytime soon?

Eventually, I plan to roll older books and series out of Select. When that happens, I’ll put those books up for sale with other retailers.

Can I read any of your books for free?

If you have a Kindle Unlimited membership, you can borrow them on Amazon. Right now all of my books are enrolled in Select and can be borrowed. Check out my Amazon Author page and borrow away.

Can I buy a print copy of your books?

You’ll be able to very soon.

Do you plan on releasing audiobook versions of your stories?

Of course. As soon as I’ve released the print versions, I plan to start working on audiobooks.

Where do you get ideas for your stories?

Ideas can come from everywhere. Something I hear someone say, a building I drive by, a TV show I watch, anything. I can be staring at an object and a whole story line will come to me out of the blue. I’ll never be able to write the books for all of the plot ideas I have written down in my lifetime.

Do you outline your stories or just wing it?

The truth is, it depends. Sometimes I outline, and other times I pants my way through a story and see where it takes me. When I do outline, I don’t hold myself to the outline. If the characters are taking me somewhere else, I let them.

Will you be writing more panther shifters?

You betcha! Panther shifters are my favorite shifters to write. You can expect lots of them in the future.

When did you start writing?

I started writing when I was very young. My mother owned a paint and wallpaper store and I spent all of my school holidays there. As you can imagine, it was quite boring. At ten, I wrote a magazine. At twelve, I begged my father to take me to the local newspaper because I had an idea for a column that I thought they should call The Quinte Teenager. He never did.

At thirteen, I started spending my free time writing my first novel on ruled paper in a three-ring binder. I carried that binder everywhere so I could add to the story whenever I had a moment to spare. I have no idea whatever happened to it. So, to make a long story short, I’ve been writing since I first learned to hold a pen. We didn’t have the luxury of keyboards and computer screens back then.

What’s your favorite thing about being a writer?

I get to use my imagination every single day. My kids, and I use the term lightly because they’re all pretty much adults, have always found my imagination annoying at best. We’ll be talking about something, and I’ll pick one thing from the conversation that strikes me and go on and on about how that could be a great story. I see the images in my mind. It’s like going to the movies for free. The very best part about being a writer though, is that these ideas and stories don’t have to stay within my mind. I get to share them with you.

What’s one thing nobody knows about you?

Okay, this is a little bit weird and I don’t do it anymore. But, I used to be desperately afraid of running out of food so I would over buy at the grocery store. It got to the point where we had to tape the freezers shut with duct tape. Keep in mind at the time my four children were teenagers and eating me out of house and home.