Finding The Perfect Layout

planning new romance serials

You’d think finding the perfect layout for a website would be easy. Just find a template, throw it up on the web and forget about it. Right? Wrong…

I’ve been going back and forth between several templates for months. Even now, I’m not sure this is the one.

At some point I’ll have to hit publish and hope for the best. Do readers even care what our websites look like as long as they can find our books? I don’t know.

Even after I publish, I may redecorate my home on the web over and over again. Time will tell.

All I do know is:

  • I’m glad you’re here
  • I hope this site conveys everything you were hoping for in a romance author’s website
  • I hope enjoy reading my books
  • I hope you’ll come back again

In the meantime, Misha’s March madness will bring you two brand new serials…

If you’ve been waiting for sizzling hot romantic suspense, or to die for alphabears, you’ve come to the right place.  Stay tuned for cover reveals, and more!

With spring just around the corner we all need some romantic heat to warm us up and these new serials are just what the doctor ordered. I can hardly wait to share them with you!


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