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Welcome to the Decadent Decem-brr Reads
Kindle Giveaway! 
·GRAND PRIZE – Kindle eReader + $15 Amazon gift card
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Bella Andre Holiday Giveaway!


The best thing about the holidays is giving. I love Bella Andre's books and I want to give one lucky winner a chance to top up their Kindle with her books this holiday season!

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Fall Into Romance Giveaway!

Welcome to the Fall Into Romance Kindle Giveaway! 


GRAND PRIZE – Kindle eReader + $25 Amazon gift card
1st PRIZE – $50 Amazon gift card (2 winners)
2nd PRIZE – $50 Amazon gift card (2 winners)
3rd Genuine blue topaz earrings (US only)
4th Signed paperback copy of Dominant Persuasions (US only)
5th Various swag items (3 winners – US only)



The wonderful and talented authors who have made this giveaway possible: 
Nicole Morgan, Sharon Hamilton, Desiree Holt, Laura Taylor, Sarah Jane Butfield, Mimi Barbour, Cynthia Woolf, Bethany Shaw, Jerrie Alexander, Elizabeth Marx, Kristine Cayne, Janice Seagraves, Beth Caudill, Olga Núñez Miret, Lisa Gillis, Denyse Bridger, Misha Carver, Laxmi Hariharan, Tina Donahue, Susanne Leist, Lisa Kessler, Tamara Ferguson, Amy J. Hawthorn, Kym Roberts

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Alpha Beta Omega $100 Amazon Gift Card Pre-Order Giveaway

Alpha Beta Omega Boxed Set Banner

We love giveaways! And we have a pretty amazing one going on now through 9/18/2016. The authors, along with After Glows Publishing, banded together to give away a $100 Amazon gift card PLUS free ebooks! All you have to do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget (or click on the link) below. Easy!

Alpha Beta Omega: A Shifter Box Set
By Lia Davis, K.N. Lee, Marissa Dobson, Beth Caudill, Misha Carver, Xandra James, Laxmi Hariharan, Bethany Shaw, Nicole Morgan, and Lily Marie

From today’s hottest NY Times, USA Today, and Bestselling authors comes a collection of 10 novellas, featuring hot alpha, beta, and omega shifters. If you like tigers, bears, wolves, and more you’ll love this box set. Each story is either a first in a series or a stand-alone novella.

AND it’s only on sale for a limited time so be sure to grab while it’s available. #99cents

Available at:

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7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Real Life Romance

7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your Real Life Romance

Wouldn’t it be nice if real life romances were just like the ones you read about? Here are seven tips to rock your real life romance:

Spill Your Guts

In romance books and novels, heroines and heroes keep secrets from each other and sometimes lie to protect themselves. In real life, you’re looking at a deal breaker. Always be honest with your significant other.

Not just when you’re talking either. If you keep your computer and your cell phone locked up tighter than Fort Knox, you’re giving your half a reason to doubt you. Be open if you want your relationship to last.

Don’t Let Life Interfere

You know how it is. When romance first blooms a couple spends all of their free time together and keep their hands off each other. After a while, it dies down and before you know it, all you talk about is work and bills.

Make sure you take the time out for a fun evening together once a week. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying at home for a quiet candlelight dinner for two followed by a bubble bath, or headed out for a night on the town. You’ll be reminded of why you fell in love, and you’ll have a chance to forget all  your worries.

Keep Your Eyes Open

The best piece of advice I ever received was, never go to sleep when there’s another woman in your house. While you trust your man, don’t trust another woman, especially if there’s alcohol involved. Even if she comes on to him and he does nothing, it will still cause arguments in the morning.

It’s best just to stay awake until either he comes to bed, or she leaves. There’s no point in hanging temptation in front of anyone. After all, how often have you been able to leave the last truffle on a plate?

Get the Heck Out

This sort of goes along with making sure you spend fun time together. But, if you’re always spending your time together in the house, it’s important to make sure you get out once in a while.

Being inside all the time gets frustrating and can bring out the worst in couples. Go for a hike or a walk after dinner. Even if you’re just walking the dog, it will give you time to talk and bond.

Get Away From Each Other

That’s right. To make your relationship rock,  you need to spend some time away from away each other. Make sure you each get out with your respective friends on a regular basis. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and you’ll find that you won’t be able to wait to get back home.

Be Selfish

Your relationship only consists of you and your significant other. No one else. There’s no room for three people in a romance, so don’t let anyone become a wedge. Friends and family may try to create obstacles, but you’ve got to hold your ground.

Always keep your relationship with other people separate from your relationship with your significant other, or you’ll wind up in arguments over things that never happened.

Tell Him To Get Reading

If you want a romance like the ones you read about, make your significant other read romance books. He’ll read about opening car doors, buying flowers, and showering you with gifts.

I’m not saying he’ll learn from it, but if he reads enough of them it might get drilled into his mind. Besides, a little bit of romance never hurt anyone.


What about you? Do you have any tips for rocking a real life romance?


The Spark Behind the Big City Heat Series

The Spark Behind the Big City Heat Series

When I first set out to write the Big City Heat series, I had an idea in mind. A firefighter would meet a single mother who couldn’t stand him and they’d fall in love despite the obstacles.

Alex was never supposed to be a firefighter and her husband Mike was never a part of the original game plan when I started out.

In the beginning Chance didn’t have any money and was an eternal bachelor. I had him pegged for a love them and leave them kind of guy, except when it came to Alex of course.

The morning I sat down to type, Alex kept insisting she was a seasoned firefighter to the point where that became the opening scene. Suddenly, my characters took me in a completely different direction than I’d ever intended.

All of my ideas were thrown to the wind as the characters practically wrote themselves. A couple of times I had to reign them back a bit to get to the plot points I wanted to hit, but they even derailed and changed a few of those through their shenanigans.

Things I wanted to happen in the story didn’t happen, but some things I never expected showed up on the page. Love is a many splendored thing and so is writing.

I love writing stories like this serial because it’s not only the readers who get surprised. I do too. That doesn’t always happen, but when it does I’m excited to find out what’s going to happen next.

I could have kept the story to my original idea, but I think it would have been stifled and stiff if I hadn’t let the characters take their own direction. Sometimes it’s fun to play follow the leader and let them take over a story and in this case it worked out.

Thank you all for reading the series. I hope you enjoyed the characters as much as I much as I have. The third and final  book, Ring of Fire, will release on April 21st. You definitely want to miss this one!


Witches and Werecats… Oh My!

Witches and Werecats… Oh My!
Coming Soon!

I'm almost ready to release the box set for the Purrfect Mates series.  The collection contains all three books from the series:

  • Purrfect Chaos
  • Purrfect Storm
  • Purrfect Harmony

You'll be able to pick up it up for a very limited time for $0.99!

I'm so excited to put Tom and Jacy's story together into one bundle for readers to enjoy. Panther shifters are my favorite and I hope this will be one of your favorites too.

The very talented Jacqueline Sweet designed the cover and everything's ready to go. It'll be available by pre-order on Monday March 11, 2916, and the release date is Saturday March 19, 2016.


10 Things You Learned in Kindergarten That Made You Love Romances Today

10 Things You Learned in Kindergarten That Made You Love Romances Today

People who read romances love them, I mean really love them. If you're like me, you can't get enough them. I read them all the time. Sometimes two or more a week. Lately I've been wondering what makes people love romance so much. Then, I got thinking about the things I learned in school. Here are the ten things I learned in Kindergarten that made me love romance stories:

How to Color  – Those brightly colored wax sticks weren't just about coloring in the lines. They brought you happiness and joy and gave you an escape from the dull dreariness of everyday life. When you opened that box, you felt excitement. When you put the crayon to the page, you felt adventure. You feel those same things when you start to read a new romance today. You might not have a crayon in your hand your hand, but when you turn the page, the story is coloring your world with a new fantasy.

Patience – Good things come to those who wait. While it would be great if you could get the whole plot in a few sentences, you'd miss out on all of the suspense. Sure you probably already know how it's going to turn out, but the twists and turns along the way are what makes a romance so much fun.

Everything Has An Upside – Even if something bad happens, there's a good twist to it. When you lost your favorite pencil, your teacher gave you a candy or let you help her clean the erasers. When something bad happens to the heroine or hero, you know something wonderful is right around the corner as you sit on the edge of your seat unable to put the book down.

Everyone's Good At Heart – The mean boy that used to poke you with a pencil was also the same one who used to defend you on the playground. That's how you know that the bad boy you're reading about, no matter how much of a dick he seems to be, is going to turn himself around. Before the end of the book he'll be the hero you've been dreaming of.

Bullies Always Lose – Remember the girls who picked on you? It was so funny when they made fools of themselves. The same thing happens when the antagonist tries to zero in on the hero in a romance. She can't divert his attention away from the heroine no matter how hard she tries. If she attempts to make our sweet heroine look bad, she'll fall flat on her face.

Staying Inside Isn't A Bad Thing – It always sucked to have to stay inside during recess and watch the rain through the windows while the teacher read. But, after a few minutes  you'd get into the story and sit around and listen along with everybody else.  Now that we're all grown up, we don't always feel like going out especially when the weather's bad. There's nothing like curling up  on the couch with a good romance story.

To Use Your Imagination – If it weren't for our Kindergarten teachers forcing us to use our imaginations and dream up stories, we wouldn't be able to visualize settings or even characters. Sure, we may have had imaginary friends way before we started school, but they were nothing like the three dimensional imagery that our teachers had us dream up.

You're Not In Trouble Forever – Do you remember the first time your teacher scolded you? I trembled and started crying my eyes out. I thought it was the end of the world. Three minutes later it was over, and I was back to finger painting and laughing with my friends. The same thing happens in romances. One of the characters might screw up and cause a huge conflict, but sooner or later all will be forgiven.

Someday Your Prince Will Come – Every Disney story they read to you went the same way from Cinderella to Rumpelstiltskin. The gallant prince always swept in to save the day and the fair princess before the end of the story. It rarely happens that way in real life, but our romances give us the escape from reality to live out our fantasies of being rescued by the man of our dreams.

Everybody Lives Happily Ever After – Every single story our teachers read us ended with all of the characters living happily ever after. Sure, that didn't exactly prepare us for the real world, but it did set us up to start reading romance stories. No matter how much doom and gloom happens throughout the story, you're always guaranteed of a happy ending.

Have you ever thought about this before? What did you learn in school that you think made you love romances today?

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