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Billionaire Seeks An Heir

Billionaire Seeks An Heir: Unplanned Fairy Tale

Who wants to marry a billionaire? That’s the name of Jason’s game…

Shrewd businessman and billionaire playboy Jason Donnelly built his multimedia corporation from the ground up. As his thirty-fifth birthday rapidly approaches, he realizes that having all the money in the world doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have anyone to share it with. Unfortunately, his womanizing ways make it difficult to find a woman who isn’t just after his money.

Naive college graduate, Jerrica is career minded and eager to work her way up the ladder at her new PR job. With no time for something as frivolous as a relationship, she’s determined to get ahead in the business world.

They both know what they want, but the question is who will get it. Will Jason’s games win him the victory, or will Jerrica see right through him?

Stocks rise, love ignites, and passion rules. Will Jerrica let the allure of sexy Jason Donnelly sway her towards falling in love? Or will he have to look elsewhere for a potential bride and mother for an heir?


Purrfect Chaos

Purrfect Chaos

Shrewd billionaire businessman Tom Puma has catapulted Calico Enterprises into the stratosphere of profitability. His wicked thinking and juggernaut personality have propelled him from one challenge to the next without fail. Where most people set goals for themselves, Tom simply wakes up one day and does it, that's just how he is. What most of his competitors and employees don't know is that much of his tenacity and ferociousness is born from the wild. That is, from the wild feline that lives with him. From panther to housecat, Tom has the incredible ability to alter his form at will.

Curvaceous and successful, Jacy is the vice-president of Majestic Enterprises, one of Calico's most powerful competitors. Her father, the owner of Majestic, is also a ruthless adversary of Tom's. So when he all but tells his daughter she must go to work for the enemy, Jacy is anything but thrilled. Like Tom, she's yet to find a challenge she can't handle. Yet for all her trickery and witchery, Jacy finds that perhaps she has met her match with her new boss.

Love blooms, stocks rise, and personalities clash. Will the witch let herself be seduced by the allure of a black cat, or does the chaos reign supreme once more?


Sasha's Storm

Sasha's Storm

One man's been with me through it all, but the other can offer me the world…

Successful recording artist Sasha Storms is a badass pop princess whose albums tear up the music charts. Her handlers created her image from the get-go right down to keeping her husband Caleb a secret.

Sasha’s whole world turns upside down in a heartbeat when a special guest attends one of her concerts and is instantly smitten. Despite Sasha’s protests, her press agent encourages the relationship for the sake of publicity.

When things get out of hand, she’s forced to make a life-altering decision to move her career forward. When she’s left alone to face the music, will she make all the right decisions?

Passion ignites, love blooms, and music plays in this steamy rock star romance

About The Author


Misha Carver

Romance author Misha Carver has been writing since she was thirteen. Oh how she wishes she could find that handwritten manuscript. Even before that she had an incredible imagination that used to scare not only her friends, but also herself.

Nowadays, she keeps the figments of her imagination hostage to the written word. There's nothing she loves more that writing sexy romances for her readers to enjoy.

Whether paranormal or contemporary, her stories will satisfy your craving for an escape from the everyday world. Take some time out to embark on a fantasy while the alpha male of your dreams sweeps you off your feet.

Misha lives in Ontario, Canada with her children and two cats. Well, actually three, but one belongs to her mother…Misha's just the caretaker.

In her spare time, she loves reading, listening to music, and watching television. Her favorite television show is House MD – come on, who doesn't love Doctor House? Other than that, she enjoys dreaming of the day an alpha billionaire or a handsome shifter will come and whisk her away into another world. Don't worry. If that ever happens, she'll make sure he'll still let her write…