Witches and Werecats… Oh My!

Purrfect Mates by Misha Carver
Coming Soon!

I’m almost ready to release the box set for the Purrfect Mates series.  The collection contains all three books from the series:

  • Purrfect Chaos
  • Purrfect Storm
  • Purrfect Harmony

You’ll be able to pick up it up for a very limited time for $0.99!

I’m so excited to put Tom and Jacy’s story together into one bundle for readers to enjoy. Panther shifters are my favorite and I hope this will be one of your favorites too.

The very talented Jacqueline Sweet designed the cover and everything’s ready to go. It’ll be available by pre-order on Monday March 11, 2916, and the release date is Saturday March 19, 2016.


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